Understanding Military Records

To assist you in understanding military records, we have provided information from the Library and Archives Canada site for First World War Abbreviations Used in Personnel Records:

First World War Abbreviations Used in Personnel Records.


Adj = Adjutant
adm = admitted
ARD = Alberta Regimental Depot
att’d = attached
auth = authorized, authority
AWL = Absent without leave
Batt’n, Bn = Battalion
BCRD = British Columbia Regimental Depot
BEF = British Expeditionary Force
Bty = Battery
CADC = Canadian Army Dental Corps
CAMC = Canadian Army Medical Corps
CASC = Canadian Army Service Corps
Cav = Cavalry
CBD = Canadian Base Details
CCAC = Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre
CCCC = Canadian Corps Composite Company
CCD = Canadian Convalescent Depot
CCRC = Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
CCS = Casualty Clearing Station
CDD = Canadian Discharge Depot
CDAC = Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column
CE = Canadian Engineers
CEF = Canadian Expeditionary Force
CERD = Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot
CFA = Canadian Field Ambulance
CFA = Canadian Field Artillery
CFC = Canadian Forestry Corps
CGA = Canadian Garrison Artillery
CGH = Canadian General Hospital
CGR = Canadian Garrison Regiment
CL = Casualty List
CLH = Canadian Light Horse
CMGC = Canadian Machine Gun Corps
CMR = Canadian Mounted Rifles
C of I = Court of Inquiry
Com = Command
Conv = Convalescent
CORD = Central Ontario Regimental Depot
Coy = Company
CRCR = Canadian Reserve Calvary Regiment
CRT = Canadian Railway Troops
CSM = Company Sergeant-Major
DAC = Divisional Ammunition Company
DCM = Distinguished Conduct Medal
dis = discharged
Div = Division
DO = Daily Order (of a unit)
D of W = Died of wounds
Dvr = Driver
emb = embarked
EORD = Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot
FGH = Fort Garry Horse
FGHRR = Fort Garry Horse Reserve Regiment
Frac = Fractured
GC = Badge Good Conduct Badge
Gen = General
GHQ = General Headquarters
Gnr = Gunner
GSW = Gunshot Wound
GOC = General Officer Commanding
HMS = His Majesty’s Service
HMT = His Majesty’s Troopship
Hosp = Hospital
How = Howitzer
HQ = Headquarters
inv “wd” = invalided wounded
KIA = Killed in action
LG (Lon. Gaz.) = London Gazette
LMB = Light Mortar Battery
LSH = Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians)
M&D = Medals & Decorations
MC = Military Cross
MD = Military District (or Depot)
MIA = Missing in action
MID = Mentioned-in-Despatches
Mil = Military
Miss = missing
MM = Military Medal
MRD = Manitoba Regimental Depot
NSRD = Nova Scotia Regimental Depot
NYD = not yet determined
OC = Officer Commanding
OMFC = Overseas Military Forces of Canada
O.S. = Overseas
P & S = Plaque & Scroll (Memorial)
Pnr = Pioneer
PPCLI = Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry
pres = presumed
Proc = proceeded
Pte = Private
Pt. II O = Part II Orders
PUO = Pyrexia of unknown origin
QRD = Quebec Regimental Depot
RAF = Royal Air Force
RCD = Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCHA = Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCR = Royal Canadian Regiment
rem = remained
rept = reported
Res = Reserve
RFB = Reported from Base
RFC = Royal Flying Corps
RHC = Royal Highlanders Of Canada
RSM = Regimental Sergeant-Major
RTC = Returned to Corps
RTU = Returned to Unit
SEF = Siberian Expeditionary Force
SOS = Struck off strength (of a unit)
Spr = Sapper
SS = Steamship
Staty = Stationary (Hospital)
SW = Shrapnel (Shell) wound
TMB = Trench Mortar Battery
TOS = Taken on strength (of a unit)
Tpr = Trooper
trans = transferred
unk = unknown
VDG = venereal disease, gonorrhea
VDS = venereal disease, syphilis
w, (w) = wounded
WORD = Western Ontario Regimental Depot

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